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Brenda Hurley Art is an outlet to showcase my oil paintings that reflect the beautiful and varied landscapes of Canada and in particular Northern Ontario. Throughout my life, I have had a keen interest in the arts and always planned to take up painting when life slowed down a bit and time permitted. When I retired, I began to search for an artistic outlet and discovered a love of oil painting. The buttery consistency of the medium and vividness of colour inspired me; I enjoy working with strong colour and dynamic brush strokes in my paintings.

I paint landscapes that highlight the natural beauty of nature in an impressionist and somewhat joyful and whimsical way.  I am inspired by many great Canadian impressionist artists from the past, most especially The Group of Seven and Tom Thompson, as well as many contemporary artists currently working in the Canadian art scene. I have been privileged to attend art retreats with landscape painter Gordon Harrison. Gordon’s passion for his art is inspiring and his coaching has been a large part of my growth as an artist. I have incorporated his use of an India Ink underpainting into my work which gives the paintings depth and sets of mood of the work.

My work can be found at a lovely local artisan co-op gallery, Fireweed in Thunder Bay, ON. I also participate in local art shows and virtual art platforms. My paintings are original oils that are framed in either black floating or plein air frames (depending on whether painted on a wrapped canvas or canvas panel) and are ready to hang in your home. Some paintings may be unframed due to canvas size, but this will be noted in the description. Free delivery in the Thunder Bay area can be arranged as well as shipping to your location (at an extra cost).

Over the past several years art and painting has become a major focus in my life. My work (and myself) continues to change and evolve; I am enjoying the journey. In my own home I feel that original art is the jewelry that completes a room.  I hope you enjoy my work.


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